For each class that you book you need to ‘show up’ in order to avoid being penalised for non-attendance.


  • When attending a class, you must obtain a ticket from one of the booking machines by using your membership band at the kiosk in the reception area/in the studio corridor. Touch your band against the band reader and your booking will appear under your name on the screen. Tap the class that you are attending eg. ‘show up for RPM’ and a ticket will print. Hand this ticket to the instructor. This can also be done at reception in person. For virtual classes a member of staff will be avilable to collect your tickets or leave this on the audio cabinet in the studio. 
  • If you fail to attend or ‘show up’ to a class without cancelling then a black mark will be automatically placed against that booking, if you receive 2 black marks within a month then you will be unable to book a class for a month via the website or app.
  • Please note that if you forget your band, you can obtain a ticket from reception. This will be logged on our system and if you forget your band three times you will need to purchase a new one. This procedure is in place for all activities.


If you cannot attend a class and need to cancel your place, this must be done at least 90 minutes prior to the start of the class. This needs to be done either via the app or by telephoning 01246 242 365. Please note that cancellations will not be accepted via email or social media.  


This procedure is in place to help prevent no shows at classes and ensure all places are filled and utilised and relates to both instructor-led and virtual classes that are pre-booked. Please contact us on 01246 242 365 if you have a genuine reason why you were not able to cancel or attend a class.