We continually review our classes to make sure we are providing a wide range and good choice for our members to take part in. As part of this review we also look at attendance and see which classes are performing well or not so well. The following classes have an attendance at less than 50%, so they are currently at risk:

  • Bounce Fit - Friday 7-7.30am


  • * HIIT - Thursday 6:30-7am and Friday 6:30-7am


  • * Kettlebells - Thursday 6:30-7am and Friday 6:30-7am


  • Low Impact Circuits - Thursday 2-3pm and Friday 10-11am


  • Sprint - Monday 7-7:30am and Friday 12-12:30pm

* Please note that the HIIT and Kettlebells alternate - 1 week HIIT, 1 week Kettlebells.

Being 'at risk' does not mean they will be cancelled or replaced with virtual instructors, but attendance does need to increase to make the classes viable and worthwhile. We have always, where possible, tried to react to demand, but this needs to work both ways. So, if we deem that the sessions are not viable to continue, then we have to review and react accordingly.

We still have over 100 scheduled classes per week, but we have to balance this with the cost of the instructor and the numbers attending. We hold all our instructors in very high esteem and feel that they are some of the best around, providing top quality and enjoyable classes to all participants. We do not want to cancel any of the classes, but poorly attended ones should and will be questioned and reviewed - all we want is for the class to be popular and busy.

If we can increase numbers then those classes that have been identified will not need to be reviewed. So, if you know of anyone who would like to attend any of these sessions (or any of our other classes) then please encourage them to do so. You can book a class via our app or reception.